Open Source Contributions
</> rust-lang

Rust is a systems language pursuing the trifecta: safety, concurrency, and speed.

</> postgres-mapper

postgres-mapper is a proc-macro designed to make mapping from postgresql tables to structs simple. Rust codebase.

Individual Projects
</> fin

A Financial porfolio manager. Backend and Frontend. Written using Rust, Postgres, Vue, Typescript, parceljs.

</> consistent-rs

An implementation of the consistent hashing algorithm. Written in Rust.

</> dkv

A distributed file storage written in Rust for a hack day project. Utilizes the gRPC to define its API interface. Rust backend.

</> learn-rust

An interactive guide to learning Rust. Created for a learning group that I led.

</> mta-status

mta-status is a project to parse the xml api that is provided by the MTA and transform it into a nice json api. The backend is written in rust, the frontend uses vuejs and its all hosted on github pages.

</> Oystour

An Oyster appreciation app with over 200 different varieties of oysters. Android app.

</> toidiuFS

A distributed file storage written in Scala. Scala backend.

</> Persistent Graph

An implementation of a persistent graph data structure written in Scala.

</> FieldBook

Backed by Google Drive, this Android app manages your field notes offline. Edit, create and manage new content offline and sync when there is a good connection. Android app.

</> 1 Second Everyday

Record a video or image everyday and then compiles the collection into a video. An app to remember your key moments in the last month or year. Android app.

</> swig

Alcohol deliver app. No rushing to get alcohol before a party. Simply choose your items and your liquor will be delivered from a local store. Android app.

</> swig

The social drinking platform. Share your drinks with your friends and find new friends to follow. Android app.