Apoorv Kothari

Software Engineer
Software Engineer at AWS; previously at iHeartRadio; B.E.E from Cooper Union. I am a problem solver and a fast learner with a focus on building resilient and highly scalable solutions. My approach begins with gaining a deep understanding of the product requirements and client needs before designing solutions within a clear timeframe. Testing is at the core of this process.
My experience has allowed me to work across the application landscape (infra/SRE, BE, mobile, web, embedded); from which I have gained a deeper appreciation of the trade-offs and priorities associated with each layer. This insight I find is critical for quickly and efficiently reaching a decision when designing interfaces across layers.
I have worked with a multitude of tools and languages, but I prefer to work with strongly typed and statically compiled languages. To this end my languages of choice are Rust and Scala. My platform of choice is Kubernetes, which I have used to create more reliable and efficient workflows.
I am an enthusiastic member of the Rust community. Here are a few contributions I have made to rust-lang, as well as some talks I have given. I also help organize the rust-nyc meetup.

Things I grok:
rust, java, scala
android, kubernetes, aws
distributed systems, system design
bouldering, biking, travel, cooking
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